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Group Hug

Shooting pool with the mansize roosters

Huddled outside the Elbow Room, London's rock'n'roll pool venue, Supergrass' fans are excited. "We've come all the way from Crawley!" says Keshena Pritchard. "If we're lucky we might get tea and biscuits!"
They're really in for much more, as Gaz, Mickey, Danny and new fully-accredited keyboardist Rob arrive. Initially a school disco stand-off develops with fans on one side, band playing pool on the other, but nothing breaks the ice quite like Gaz taking a massive drinks order, or Danny sidling up to the girls with the words "Hellllo ladies!"
Before long Mickey is offering pool tips, and fans Keshena, James, Matt, Richard, Alex, Brian, Andy, Kirsten, Matt, Michelle, Claire and Simon are getting things signed. Leading the autograph hunters is Winona, producing every single record sleeve of Supergrass' long career. "I can't possibly do all that," moans Danny, digging in nonetheless.
Gaz, meanwhile, is slightly perplexed. "It's like a youth club," he says. "I keep expecting Leo Sayer to come on! Maybe Dan and I will have a smooch to a slowie later!"
He's almost as good as his word, as drummer and singer start grooving to their brilliant new album 'Life On Other Planets', with fans Simon and Keshena joining them, And then, all too quickly, Supergrass have to leave. The fans are happy though, with James summing up the experience best. "It wasn't what I expected," he says beaming. "I thought we'd file in to get things signed, but they bought me beer and played pool with me. Brilliant!"

NME - 05 October 2002