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Supergrass: We'll Go All The Way At Carling

Supergrass are determined to debut new material at the Carling Weekend, even though the band only managed to play three-quarters of one new song at Radiohead's recent Oxford gig.
Speaking exclusively to NME, frontman Gaz Coombes said: "We certainly haven't got writer's block. All of us have been writing, same as usual. Only better. It's gonna be a great one. It (the album) should be out early next year, I reckon. You haven't got long to wait."
Asked about the Carling Weekend (August 24-26), Gaz sais: "We just want to play some new songs. We managed three-quarters of a new song at the Oxford show - a song without an end ('They Found Her Body')."
Recording of the band's fourth album is due to begin shortly.
Gaz told NME: "We've got loads of songs finished. It's up definitely, not all moody and depressing."
He added: "We've got a godo one called 'Prophet 15'. It's named after this mad prophet who told us we would make loads of money."

NME - 18 August 2001