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Supergrass Start Work On Album Number Four

SUPERGRASS are planning to take the summer off after they've finished touring the US to concentrate on writing new material.
Speaking last Monday during a soundcheck at Los Angeles' Roxy Theatre, the second stop on a three-night stint in the city, drummer Danny Goffey said that although the band are working on new material, the trio were ready for a much-needed break - with their only gigs being the V2000 festivals at Hylands Park, Chelmsford, and Weston Park, Staffordshire.
"We've just been touring our arses off for the last year," Goffey said. "We've kind of written a few songs and stuff but we haven't really concentrated on another album yet. we're gonna have this summer off really, and start writing songs and living a bit more again."
In a telephone interview from America, bassist Mickey Quinn told NME that the trio have the basis of ten new songs.
"They're all different to each other. We've got a few punk songs and we've got bits of riffs that aren't even songs yet. Just lots of different stuff really."
Supergrass' US tour, which started on March 28, has seen the band's Stateside profile increase, earning them appearances on TV shows Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno's The Tonight Show.
However, the band are relatively unconcerned about breaking America, according to Goffey.
"We don't really believe in shoving things down people's throats too much. If (people don't) hook on, get it and get what we're doing then it doesn't really matter. If it happens, it happens."
Supergrass return to America in the autumn to support Pearl Jam.

NME - 03 June 2000