The Press Article

TRUE quality will always shine through. This, on the other hand is shit. Only joking! "Mary" is a prime example of what rock experts call a "Super-fine, Hammond-heavy pumper". In short, it's gorgeous, which is no mean feat for a song about fancying someone so much you wank at their memory. Cheers!
Gavin: "F***ing great. Fantastic. I liked that a lot. I think they're in a funny position, because it seems that people only want them to be these cartoon characters that did 'Caught By The Fuzz'. but there's so much more to them. This single is excellent, and I love the album. They've really branched out, gone into whole new areas of sound and style. Brilliant."
Nigel: "Supergrass could be the big Star (awesome Seventies power-pop supremos of their generation - Ed). They're a truly great band, but also misunderstood at times. What a great single, though. Single of the week."
Gavin: "No bother."

Reviewed by Gavin Rossdale and Nigel Pulsford of Bush
Hosted by Rob Fitzpatrick, Melody Maker - 30 November 1999