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Supergrass' Video Nasty

SUPERGRASS have done their own "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" on the video for their next single - but the BBC won't show it before 9pm.
The video for "Mary", released on November 22, borrows heavily from the Seventies horror classic, but the record company are denying charges of intention to create a controversy.
A Supergrass spokeswoman commented: "It's more to do with Hallowe'en. The video really suits the song. It's going on the band's website, too."
Supergrass reckon the video is too shocking for TV screens, but it hasn't got a blanket ban. MTV will show it and terrestial channels will screen it after 9pm. As well as "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", the video pays homage to "The Shining", with blood running down walls, and "The Exorcist", with a quick spray of projectile vomiting.

Melody Maker - 09 November 1999