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As unlikely combinations go, it's up there with Bill Clinton and the word monogamy.But Supergrass - kings of sideburns and rocking indie - really did meet up with Ali G, the funniest, dopiest man in a shell suit ever to appear on TV. Surely it was only a brief step from second album "In It For The Money" to a full-on, bangin' trip to the mental junglist massive.
Erm, no. Having the tormentor of the self-righteous remix their single "Sun Hits The Sky" for his new series was as far as it went. But that's the thing with Supergrass - anything can happen. Consistently one of the best, most entertaining live bands around - with fantastic songs like "Caught By The Fuzz" and "Going Out" they couldn't be anything else - they've just returned with their most ambitious, far-reaching and experimental album yet. In fact, from the lazy West Coast vibes of "Shotover Hill" through the electronica of "Eon", to the classic adrenaline pop of "Pumping On Your Stereo", the only boring thing about "Supergrass" is the album's eponymous name. As Ali G might say, nuff 'spec.

Melody Maker - 02 October 1999