The Press Article
Supergrass have described their new single, "Moving", as "a combination of soul and funk fusion"!
The single is released by Parlophone on August 30.
Gaz Coombes told The Maker: "It's musically schizophrenic, in two sections."
And drummer Danny Goffey said: "It's about finding yourself in places you don't want to be, or in a rut."
"Too much hot water," added Gaz mysteriously.
"Getting out of situations that aren't right," said Danny. "It's just about... being off your head, really. We were going to use it for a removals advert."
"We were moved," said Gaz in the worst pun yet.
"I think it'll go to Number One for eight or nine weeks, I expect," concluded Danny.
This would be a slight improvement on the performance of the band's last single, "Pumpin On Your Stereo" [sic], which entered the chart at Number 11, then slipped down to 20, 26 and 35, finally dropping out of the Top 40 in the fifth week, at Number 45.
"I think it did really well, cos it didn't go in really high straight away," said Gaz. "It hung around for quite a while, so people were getting it on the radio for a good few weeks, rather than it going in and out of the charts really quickly. It wasn't one of our best songs, anyway!"
"There's so much pop music around in the charts, it doesn't really matter, as long as we know we're selling records," said Danny. "Not from the material point of view, just that people appreciate it. That's... (Laughing) a bonus."
Gaz: "It's a boner."
"I think it sold a similar amount of records to 'Richard III', which went to Number Two," said Danny. "But there were a lot of big songs around."
A source at Parlophone said: "I think it did sell about the same amount as 'Richard III', over a longer period of time. As a set-up single, 'Pumping On Your Stereo' was absolutely ideal, cos it just crossed over. It was a crossover hit. It did hang around, whereas 'Richard III' went in at Two, and went pretty much out of the chart.
"As a record company with another single and an album, it's ideal. It was always a two-single plan, and it's worked out really well."
The album, "Supergrass", is released on September 20.

Melody Maker - 14 August 1999