The Press Article
Supergrass have revealed details of their third album, "Supergrass", which is released by Parlophone on September 20.
They have also announced the release of a new single, "Moving", on August 20, and have added an extra tour date at the London Forum, after selling out their first night at the venue. They now also appear on October 13. The band have additionally moved the date of their Cardiff University show to October 8.
The single is backed on CD1 and the cassette with a new song, "Believer", and a sneak preview of the album with "Faraway (Acoustic Version)".
CD2 contains "You too can play 'Alright'", which originally appeared on a free CD with a guitar magazine, and a video version of "Pumping On Your Stereo".
A limited-edition vinyl version is released on September 6 with "Moving" and "Believer".
The album tracks are: "Moving", "Your Love", "What Went Wrong (In Your Head)?", "Beautiful People", "Shotover Hill", "Eon" [sic], "Mary", "Jesus Came From Outer Space", "Pumping On Your Stereo", "Born Again", "Faraway" and "Mama & Papa".

Melody Maker - 07 August 1999