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Pumping On Your Stereo

It's retro-a-go-go from Supergrass, with this giant glam rock stomp with added glitter and hand claps to the fore. Plus points for it sounding like "humping on your stereo". Minus one point for making this reviewer think the riff sounded like "Money For Nothing" by Dire Straits a couple of times. That aside, there can be few better records to hear at clubs and gigs this summer.
Kenwyn: "It's Bowie meets the Stones."
Dominic: "I've seen the video, but don't remember the song. It probably says something about the song. I've got some respect for them though."
Gary: "I think they've always handled themselves really well, they always seem to really like what they do themselves."

Reviewed by Reef, Melody Maker - 29 May 1999