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Studio Eye

CURRENTLY near the end of recoding in Cornwall, before returning to Oxford's The Courtyard (owned by the management company they share with RADIOHEAD), Studio Eye can report that no Theremin has thus far been used in that all-important and much awaited SUPERGRASS third album. Apparently though, a clavinet (a cross between a plucked harp and a piano, we're told), a double-bass and vibes (like a mechanical xylophone) have slipped past the inquisitive noses of locals near the remote Sawmill Studios. Studio Eye readers are no doubt aware of the Sawmill Experience - when the tide is out, the only way in is via a small rowing boat or a long exhausting walk over hills. And of course the pub is on the other side, so there are endless stories of stranded, drunken rock stars, BETA BAND and their sunken tuba and so on. But SUPERGRASS' recent escapades on the river Fowey are quiet different. They took the boat out - the three of them alone - to call on ye olde pub. All went well, in professional moderation, and the boys returned home. Or didn't. Eventually, the studio called their local, only to discover that they had left ages ago...and out came the motor boat. Seems the guys were stuck in the middle rowing for all their worth, but going absolutely nowhere. The tide was too strong. Which could have been really bad news, since Danny is expected to be a dad at any minute - probably by the time you read this.

Melody Maker - 23 January 1999