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Those great white hopes, Supergrass, burst in with that incredible "Caught By The Fuzz" debut and then, abruptly, turned into a bouncy, bouncy castle of classic Britpop. Last spotted, they were busy loading themselves into the classic lineage of The Beatles' "Penny Lane", Madness and The Kinks.

"Lenny" is more of this stuff: effortless, upbeat, young and boisterous. The melodies pour out of the furry freak brothers - they sound like old hands but they balance their tunesmith knack with a yoof-full effervescence.

The teen bands are back, firing the scene with a new energy. This has been a great year for our much-maligned, battered old island. The album charts are full of cool guitar hustlers, the guitar shops are full of new school popsters, and, waiting in the wings, are outfits like the revitalised Puressence and new brats like Northern Uproar, a band that make Supergrass look like pensioners...

John Robb, Melody Maker - 29 April 1995