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That Supergrass had enough full-tilt pop gems to fill a 21-track best-of album last year came as little surprise; that its cover was emblazoned with a pin-badge proclaiming 'Supergrass is 10' was a different matter. Had they really been with us for a whole decade?
In truth, their four studio albums suffered from gratuitous moments of stoner humour and self-indulgent whimsy but it took this collection to truly nail why we love them so. Whether pumping out glam stompers, new-wave riffs or acoustic laments, it's the exhuberance dripping from every chord that makes them one of the finest British singles bands.
However, when so many of their Britpop peers have faltered after releasing a hits collection, 2005 could prove a testing time for Gaz and co. To divert the pressure, they have been recording their fifth album in France and are nipping back for a short tour.

Steve Pill, Metro - 16 May 2005