The Press Article

Lambchopped pop urchins who scored large with Alright scoot back with a gem of a third album.
Gaz, Mick and Danny have pop running through their veins. No matter how hard they try to be "mature", every album they unleash - even one like this they've grumpily refused to properly title - ends up chocka-full of ridiculously catchy tunes and bop-a-long bounciness. They might throw in the odd reflective and touching ballad like Mama And Papa, or the spaced Air-alike Born Again, but there's always an undercurrent of impossibly perfect tuneage. They may have mellowed since their frantic early days, but they'll never turn in a duff song.
Skip to: Jesus Came From Outer Space, top pop-a-boogie fun. Pumping On Your Stereo, muppet-accompanied madness. Moving, chill-out sofa-slump.
Soundbit: Chimpians of the Tune-iverse.

KH, Sky - October 1999