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Probably the best...

Line-up: Gaz Coombes (18) Vocals/Guitar, Danny Coffey [sic] (19) Drums, Mickey Quinn (24) Guitar.

The lowdown: Spirited guitar pop which has drawn comparisons to the New Wave gallop of Elastica and the Mod throb of Blur, but in truth sounds more like The Jam vs Buzzcocks with the members of Madness waiting on the touchline to play the winners.

Output ths far: Two singles on Parlophone. Caught By The Fuzz, in which Gaz is arrested on possession on cannabis aged 15, and Mansize Rooster, the title of which is a barely disguised reference to a sizeable pecker.

Career Curve: Gaz and Danny in their infancy were in Oxford fringe-mumblers The Jennifers (signed to Suede label, Nude). Post-split rehearsal room dabblings (clearly favouring the new wave Of New Wave fashions of early '94) have led to a sound which is greater than the sum of it's parts. Caught By The Fuzz was released by three different record labels in same year, leading to career-enhancing gigs with Ride at the Royal Albert Hall and Blur at Alexandra Palace.

Fashion leadin: Mod-style T-shirts. Levi's jeans and cords. Mascara. Sideburns hijacked from Del Amitri which, as paraded by singer Gaz without a hint of irony, could even provoke a sideburn revival.

Typical lyric: Barefaced uncool of the line in Caught By The Fuzz where Gaz's mother collects him from the police station - "Here comes my mum. Well she knows what I've done".

Drug and sexual preferences: Not unfamiliar with the russle of Rizla papers. Also, were rumoured to have copped off with members of Shampoo at a recent EMI conference.

Admirers: The indie hierarchy. Liv Tyler who was entranced by Gaz's boyish good looks after the group's appearance on The Word. Legions of young lads who can be seen mouthing every word at Supergrass gigs.

Long Term Potential: The outlook is good. Initial youthful exuberance is giving way to Beach Boys-influenced ballads on their debut album, thus enticing older listeners. A pop band like they made in the good old days.

FHM - April 1995