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You can tell that Supergrass have been rifling through their record collections; the (soulful) influences are all demonstrated here. From opener and new single Moving, you feel like you're in for a different ride this time around; they've created a bolder, almost theatrical sound. Listen to the drums on Shotover Hill, the guitar and piano on Beautiful People and the groovy-as-anything sound of Mary for evidence.
Gaz's finest moments arrive on Aeon which, he told TG, included 12 different guitar tracks. Far Away also shows that Gaz can be a hugely inventive guitar player. except for the (agh!) rock opera-ish flavour of Jesus Came From Outer Space and the frankly out of place Pumping On Your Stereo, the latter part of the album is more contemplative, bowing out with Mama And Papa, a wistful number sung by bassist Mickey Quinn. Complete with gentle acoustic strumming, it brings events nicely to a close, and leads you right back to the beginning of the album. Are Supergrass the Who of the 90's, as Gaz would like them to be? A few windmills and they could well be on their way...

Helen Dalley, Total Guitar - October 1999