The Press Release
The Big G Meets Ali G

Gaz Coombes spent time last week in a London studio remixing the 1997 top 10 hit Sun Hits The Sky with Ali G, the star of Channel 4's recent late-night comedy sketch series, The Eleven o'clock Show.
The remixing was filmed and will form the flagship episode of the "Ali G Music Masterclass" which will be part of Channel 4's new series The Ali G Show which is due to be broadcast later this year.

Keeping themselves busy, Supergrass played an unannounced gig in Paris last week. Gaz's brother, Ed Coombes, and his band Beautiful Toy were playing at the Lizard Lounge as part of the Paris Midsummer Festival of Music so the band decided to go along and offer them their support.
Afterward, and allegedly a little worse for wear, Supergrass decided to give the 100 strong crowd another show and played an impromptu set which consisted of four well-know Supergrass songs - Caught By The Fuzz, Mansize Rooster, Richard III and Strange Ones.
An eye-witness said the crowd went mental as they saw who were taking to the stage and people were dancing on tables throughout the set as a crowd of people, unable to get into the pub, gathered outside.

Also during their time in France, Supergrass played a live set for the TV show 'Nulle Part Ailleurs' on the French TV network Canal Plus.

And finally, tour dates have been announced in October which will support the album release on 20 September - you can get full details here.

Information supplied by Parlophone