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Road To Rouen

I love this album!!! With “Road to Rouen”, they’ve ditched the old and have come back with the new sound we’ve all been waiting to hear!

Released on August 15th on Parlophone Records, Coombes and the gang have released what I think is their best album to date! You’ll probably disagree until you hear it!!!

The album is kicked off brilliantly with a sort of instrumental/bad ass vocals and western style of music! “Tales of Endurance” has 3 parts – 4, 5 and 6. I’m not surprised really because it has the mixture of different genres and shows how far musically Supergrass has come.

Most of the songs have that mellow, more melodic theme to them, featuring the new single “St Petersburg” and brilliant “Sad Girl”. The tracks contain different instruments, showing their experimental side – brass, folk music and funnily enough…a ukulele.

I love “Coffee in the pot” – this song has the folk style theme behind it and is quite funny, but not in a bad way! The track is mainly just the instruments and a random guy shouting “hey”. It’s a really funky song – I love it, however it is short and sweet.

“Road to Rouen”, the title track is a cool song. Sounds a little like Stereophonics, however this song has a little more attitude. This song develops their sound they’re trying to achieve with this album. The track structure on the album is basically all over the place. The songs can change from being dramatic to rock, from pop to instrumental. There’s something for everyone on this album!! It’s definitely worth checking out; hopefully you’ll like it straight away…I’m sure you will if you really love them that much!

Supergrass are going to be doing some amazing gigs this summer, on 27th June they’ll be supporting Coldplay at Crystal Palaces’ stadium and they’ll also be at the Wireless Festival in London on 29th June!!!

The band will also be doing some acoustic shows which are to be released at a later date.

Keep up to date by visiting their funky website

Candice Finney, Contact Music - 04 July 2005