The Press Article

What's not to like about Supergrass? The U.K. threesome provides unabashed insinuations, riff-filled choruses, handclaps galore, and enough bravado to make Liam Gallagher look like a meek-minded dolt.
This self-titled third outing combines the sublime pop aesthetic of the band's debut, I Should Coco, with the more mature complexities of In It for the Money. Despite the passing of time though, one thing remains for certain -- Supergrass will always be a hormonally charged rabble-rouser. "I got girl and her name is Mary / I like shag on a basis daily," proudly boasts lead singer Gaz Coombes over the organ groove of "Mary." Coming from a man who once crooned about his "Mansize Rooster" and now wants nothing more than to be "Pumping on Your Stereo" (which actually has the chant "Humping on your stereo") this is an easy admission.

Musically, the lads flirt with Dark Side of the Moon during "Eon" and employ a grand palette of strings but still knock out a few straight-up sing-along anthems for the kids. These 12 engaging tunes grow with each listening, fizzing between your ears like sweet sonic soda.

Nevin Martel, CDnow - April 2000