The Newsletter - August/September 2009

It's now over a year since Supergrass played their final show
together and headed off into the sunset, so you're probably
wondering what they've been up to...

Well, in the last ever newsletter, you're about to
find out. But before you do, I'd just like to thank all the fans
for their support of the web site over the years, and to Mick, Gaz,
Danny and Rob for not suing me all those years ago when they
stumbled upon the site and the support and free tickets they have
very kindly provided me over the years. Thanks guys!

So, onto the update...

Gaz has been performing as the Hot Rats ( over the
last year including Milton Keynes with the Foo Fighters and also
performed in Paris with Colin Greenwood, Nigel Godrich and others as
part of The Velvet Underground Revisited.

He'll be continuing with more Hot Rats gigs next year and maybe a
follow up album. He's also been very busy producing other bands in
his home studio, including Little Fish, Spring Offensive and Charly
Coombes and the New Breed. His long awaited solo album is nearing
completion and is due for release early next year.

Danny has been involved with the Hot Rats project with Gaz too but
is also branching out into celebrity land on Celebrity Masterchef 2011.

Mick performed on Gregg M's, 'onemonthonesong' project in April:

And has been working with Sir Bald Diddley, Bruce 'Bash Brand and
Dec 'Kid Wig' McCarthy as part of the 'Beat Seeking Missiles':
Debut single 'Break My Fall/Dr Strangelove' is out in October and
an album will follow next year.

Mick's personal project 'db band' are releasing their debut EP
'Stranger In The Alps' on 17th September and you can pre-order it
direct from the band's web site:
You can also sign up to the 'db band' newsletter by e-mailing:

And finally, Rob is now a full time business and family man but
missing the music industry... Mick is hoping to get him to guest
on a db band recording in the future.

And that's it, the end of the final newsletter. No need to unsubscribe
or anything, just go about your normal day to day activities and enjoy
the wonderful legacy Supergrass have left us all.

Thanks again,