The Lyrics - Grace
Well we jumped all night on your trampoline
When you kissed the sky and made your sister scream
You ate our crisps and you drank our coke
Then you showed me Mars through your telescope

Oh Grace
Save your money for the children

Well you sang your songs and you made us laugh
So we captured you in a photograph
And when the stars came out your mother called your name
When the morning comes we'll get together again

Oh Grace
Save your money for the children
Track Information & Availability
"Grace" Single
"Life On Other Planets" Album
"Supergrass is 10" Album
"The Strange Ones, 1994-2008" Vinyl Album
"The Strange Ones, 1994-2008" CD Album
Written by Supergrass.
Produced by Tony Hoffer.
Mixed by Dave Sardy.
First released 16 September 2002.