The Update Archive - 2001

Wednesday 19 December 2001
The Site
Sadly there's nothing new to report, Supergrass are still working away in the studio on their new album, and it's still due for release in Spring 2002, but I just thought I'd take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have fun!
Thursday 01 November 2001
The Music
Supergrass continue to beaver away on new material in a studio somewhere on earth, but if you can't wait to hear the new material, go buy the Mike Bassett: England Manager soundtrack now and you can hear an exclusive brand new track by Supergrass called Oracle. How's that for a blatant ad?
Tuesday 23 October 2001
The Goods
Visit the *new look* Supergrass 'R' Us online store today, and spend all of your disposable income on lovely Supergrass merchandise.
Sunday 14 October 2001
The Music
Progress report: Supergrass are currently in a secret location recording new material for the new album due for release early next year.
Saturday 29 September 2001
The Music
The soundtrack CD of the new Mike Bassett: England Manager film was released last Monday according to HMV.
Friday 28 September 2001
The Music
Supergrass have contributed a brand new instrumental track, called Oracle, to the soundtrack of the new Mike Bassett: England Manager film which goes on general release across the UK today. So far I've been unable to find out when the soundtrack CD goes on sale, but I would guess it'll be very soon.
Thursday 27 September 2001
The Tour
Details of some old tour dates have been added, along with a couple of dates of radio sessions which you'll find in the Sessions section of The Music. Big thanks go David Vernède for sending me the details.
Thursday 06 September 2001
The Awards has once again been shortlisted for the Best Alternative/Rock Website award at this year's Online Music Awards.
The other nominations this year are Radiohead, Gorillaz, U2 and The Manic Street Preachers.
Wednesday 29 August 2001
I've finally got around to adding a few more frequently asked questions.

The Press
Two new articles for your perusal in The Press. Last week's pre Reading/Leeds festival interview with Gaz from NME, and the gramatically and factually incorrect collection of words from the Reading/Leeds festival programme. Laugh yourself silly at all the mistakes.
Thursday 16 August 2001
The Press
Finally an article appears in the 2001 section! Read this week's NME article there right now.

The Tabs
It's quite obviously that time of year for tabs. Luke Keyte has kindly sent in a complete tab for G-Song to replace the part one that was there before. You know where to go if you want it... Thanks a lot Luke.
Wednesday 15 August 2001
The Tabs
Andy Chillingworth has been hard at work on a 20ft Halo Tab. And thanks to his generosity, you can benefit from his work in The Tabs. Thanks Andy!
Monday 13 August 2001
The Tour
Haven't got tickets for Supergrass's gig in Edinburgh later this month? Want to win yourself a pair? Then get yourself over to the NME Site and enter NOW!
Friday 10 August 2001
The Mail
I was wondering why my inbox was a bit empty. Seems that e-mail address I put down below (I've changed it now to a working one) isn't working. So, if you sent anything to it, can you please send me it again. Please? I'll be forever grateful.
Thursday 02 August 2001
The Tour
Do you remember your first time? Your first Supergrass gig, that it. If you do, skip over to The Tour and see if I've got it listed in there. If it's not, send me details and win the adoration of millions of people worldwide (subject to terms and conditions too small to read) when I add it to the site. Also, if I do have the date listed, but I'm missing details of the support act, or something, let me know that too. It all makes for an extra-fun section of tour dates. Feel free to send in details of other gigs too, not just your first, because no one just goes to see Supergrass the once, do they?!
Sunday 22 July 2001
The Mail
More messing around with The Mail. This time I've added a guestbook where you can add comments about the site if you so wish.
Wednesday 18 July 2001
The Mail
Hello strangers, long time no see. Today I have been mostly fiddling around with The Mail section. Apart from that, there's nothing really to report - the album won't be out until some time next year... and you probably all know that you can catch Supergrass playing the Reading/Leeds festival in August, plus there's a kind of warm up date at the Edinburgh Fringe beforehand.
Sunday 24 June 2001
The Tabs
Andy Chillingworth has kindly sent in a new Born Again tab and I've finally added it to the site.
Friday 08 June 2001
The Tour
Another tour date has been confirmed for August. This time in preparation of the Reading & Leeds festivals.
The Links
A few changes here, some links have sadly passed away, but there is a new Yahoo club just for Rob.
The Music
Sound samples are go! At last. After the pretty much unsuccessful idrive-related nonsense, I've finally got somewhere nice to keep the sound clips.
Wednesday 06 June 2001
The Tour
A new date has been confirmed in July to warm up the band ready for the Radiohead gig the next day.
Thursday 10 May 2001
The Monkey Basket
SGTV has been unveiled, and is currently broadcasting work-in-progress samples from the upcoming new album.
Friday 04 May 2001
The Site
Sorry if you've had trouble accessing the site the last week or so, but it should hopefully all be fixed now. However, if you do find any problems, just let me know. Cheers.
Saturday 28 April 2001
The Tabs
An updated version of "Nothing More's Gonna Get In My Way" has been sent in by George Begbie.
Thursday 26 April 2001
The Tour
What's this, an update?! Yes, I'm still alive, and if you've sent me an e-mail in the last couple of months, I'm sorry, but I should be getting round to replying soon. I've been busy, busy, busy! Anyway, onto the update:
The much-rumoured support slot at Radiohead's summer charity event in Oxford has finally been confirmed.
Also confirmed, is the fact that Supergrass will be playing the Reading & Leeds festivals this year. Book those tickets now!
Friday 23 March 2001
The Press
Radio 1 have a short interview with Danny & Gaz on their site, which is taken from the Evening Session last week. Find out how everything is coming along on the new album. It's looking like the release could now be early next year.
The Links
Take a break from the overall (attempted) seriousness of this site, and head over and have a bit of fun finding out the terrible truth about supergrass!
Wednesday 14 March 2001
The Press
An interview taken with the band during last year's Pearl Jam support tour has been added to the Nude As The News site.
Wednesday 14 February 2001
The Forum
New section alert! Well, that's a bit of a lie, because it's just The Club transformed into a new interactive area. The main bit of it being the new site forum where you can post messages all day (and night) long, about all sorts of stuff. Go check it out, and don't forget to take a minute to register (so you can post messages, as well as read them!). Big thanks must go out to Flaimo for taking the time to set it up for me.
If you encounter any problems with the forum, please let me know so I can sort them out. Have fun with it!
Monday 12 February 2001
The Lyrics
I've made a bit of a change here. Instead of just being text files, the lyrics have now been properly integrated into the site so you won't get them loaing in new windows. I've also added a little bit of info about the tracks - where they were recorded, who produced them, etc. It's all a bit anal, really, but you never know, the info may come in useful for quiz questions.
Saturday 10 February 2001
The News
In case you're wondering what Supergrass are up at the moment, here you go:
They've just completed week 4 of writing for the new album, and it's going pretty good so far. It's mostly been done on acoustic guitar at the moment, so they're not sure what the final record will sound like just yet. It's looking like it'll be two to three months before they'll be ready to start recording, but as soon as they think they're ready, they'll start.

The Links
I've made a couple of changes to The Links, including the addition of two fan sites (One in Russian, and one in Portugese), and a link to a web cast from last year's North American tour.
Tuesday 16 January 2001
The Tabs
A guy by the name of Steve has kindly submitted a selection of bass tabs which I've added to the site, and I've also now added separate sections for bass and acoustic tabs.