The Update Archive - 1999
Saturday 25 December 1999
Merry Christmas
Best wishes to everyone!
The Sessions
A new section has been added to The Music which will hopefully list all known Supergrass radio sessions. If you know of any more, please send details to me.
The Magazines
Although it's not yet the year 2000, the February 2000 issues of many magazines are already out. Why? Anyway, this also means you can read the articles from the January issues of Select and Q in the brand spanking new 2000 section. Enjoy.
Tuesday 21 December 1999
The Reader Reviews
Leo Hoek van Dijke attended the recent Rockpalast Christmas Special in Germany. Read his review here. And he's also added details of the 7" version of Mary to his single review.
Monday 20 December 1999
The Magazines
Go back in time, and read the first ever Supergrass live review in Melody Maker.
There's also a little snippet about the Radio 1 adverts too.
The Christmas/New Year double issues of NME and Melody Maker (out today, priced £1.70 each) both feature articles on Supergrass so if you get bored over Christmas, check them out.
Friday 17 December 1999
The Tour
Austalian and New Zealand dates have been confirmed for next February and March.
Wednesday 15 December 1999
The Magazines
NME reports on the Radio 1 advert featuring Supergrass.
Monday 13 December 1999
The Inevitable End-Of-The-Millennium Poll
You may have heard in the news, or spotted on your calendar, that it'll soon be the start of a new millennium. Which is nice. What this means is anyone's guess, but as everyone else seems to be doing something similar, I've decided to jump on the bandwagon, and hold an end-of-the-millennium poll.
Sunday 12 December 1999
The Links
There are two new Supergrass-related Yahoo! clubs. Check them out from The Links.
Saturday 11 December 1999
The Tour
Supergrass are enjoying themselves in France so much that they've decided to go back in March for a nine date tour. See the March and April tour pages for details.
Friday 10 December 1999
The Advert
The new Supergrass-assisted Radio 1 advert which is currently being shown on BBC TV, can now be viewed on the Radio 1 Website.
Thursday 09 December 1999
The Magazines
Melody Maker caught up with Supergrass for the last two shows of November. Read the interview.
Tuesday 07 December 1999
The Merchandise
After the good response to the "shirt'n'rock'n'poster combo", another draw will take place on the 17 Jan 2000. The lucky name plucked from the sock will receive some excellent Supergrass goodies. To enter the draw, you simply need to purchase a "shirt'n'rock'n'poster combo" from the fan club for the bargain price of £18.
Friday 03 December 1999
The Merchandise
The winner of the T-shirt'n'rock'poster draw is none other than... P Newton of Beeston, Nottingham. Congratulations, the goodies will be sent out to you before Christmas.
The Tour
Supergrass will be taking part in the Rockpalast Christmas Special in Germany on 18 December 1999. The festival will be broadcast by German TV station WDR, but the Supergrass show will be simultaneously broadcast as an audio stream over the Internet. Supergrass are also planned to be chatting at the Rockpalast homepage during the festival. For the links and more details, check out the December tour page.
The Tabs
Amended versions of "Moving", "Your Love" and "What Went Wrong (In Your Head)" have been sent in by Arjan HuisintVeld.
The Reader Reviews
Stephanie Haynes looks back on Glastonbury 1997.
Thursday 02 December 1999
The Reviews
Read Melody Maker's review of "Mary" - Single of the Week!
Friday 26 November 1999
The Tour
There's been a change of venue for the first date of the Japanese tour in January 2000. Supergrass will now be playing at 'On Air East'.
Thursday 25 November 1999
The Magazines
An interview with Gaz from the November issue of Norway's Spirit magazine has been translated and sent in by Magnus Ritland. Thanks very much.
Wednesday 24 November 1999
The Bass Tabs
Paul Wills has been at it again. This time he's tabbed Alright.
The Magazines
Melody Maker and Bush have declared "Mary" as 'Single of the Week'.
Also on the magazine front, next week's Melody Maker is to include a feature about Supergrass on tour, and the January issue of Q (out 01 December) will come complete with a free CD featuring a track from the new "Supergrass" album.
Tuesday 23 November 1999
The Reviews
Read Planet Sound's verdict on the new single, Mary.
The Reader Reviews
Leo Hoek van Dijke has sent in his own short review of Mary.
The Radio
Supergrass will be joining Jo Whiley on her BBC Radio One lunchtime show today. Tune in to 97-99FM, or visit the Radio One website between 12noon and 2pm.
Monday 22 November 1999
The Music
The new single, Mary, is available to buy on 2 CD's and cassette from today. A limited edition 7" will be available from 29 November.
Friday 19 November 1999
The Tour
Japanese dates for January 2000 have been announced.
Tuesday 16 November 1999
The Tabs
Mama & Papa is now available for all the guitarists out there. It's kindly been sent in by David Alphonsine. Cheers!
Saturday 13 November 1999
The Music
Clips of most B-sides are now available from the discography pages. Make sure you have the latest free version of RealPlayer for these and other Real Audio downloads on the site.
The Look
More pictures of Gaz from the recent tour. This time they were taken in Denmark by Guna Zucika.
Thursday 11 November 1999
The Lyrics
A perfect transcription of the In It For The Money album lyrics has been sent in by Toni McGroty. Thanks a lot!
The Reader Reviews
Another review of the new album from reader Jayne Sargeant, a review of In It For The Money from Ross Thomas, and a couple of reviews of Monday's gig in Utrecht from Reint Schölvinck and Leo Hoek van Dijke. Thanks to you all.
The Bass Tabs
Rob Wright has sent in a bass tab for Lenny.
Sunday 07 November 1999
The Reader Reviews
Two reader reviews of the X-ray album from Ross Thomas and Kyle Penrod.
Saturday 06 November 1999
The Merchandise
Check out the limited edition T-shirt offer which is available exclusively from the Supergrass fanclub.
Included in the package is a huge poster of the artwork from the new album, a stick of Supergrass rock and - the star of the show - an exclusive, limited edition T-shirt designed by the very talented Mick Quinn. All for a bargain-tastic price of £18 (including postage to most parts of the world).
The Look
A couple of new pictures of Gaz from the gig at the Manchester Academy last month.
Friday 05 November 1999
The Music
Clips of all the album tracks have returned. Enjoy! B-sides clips will hopefully be coming soon.
Thursday 04 November 1999
The Magazines
A couple of articles from NME and one from Melody Maker, along with a snippet from Q.
This week's Melody Maker comes with a free CD featuring a live performance of 'Caught by The Fuzz' which was recorded for the Evening Session back in April.
Next month's Q Magazine is also to feature a free CD featuring a track from the new 'Supergrass' album.
The Acoustic Tabs
Say hello to a new section for, you've guessed it, acoustic tabs. Bill Robinson has sent in the first one - Caught By The Fuzz.
The Reader Reviews
Read Spaceman Friedrich Reip's review of the recent Berlin gig.
The Reviews
The Australian edition of Rolling Stone magazines give 'Supergrass' the thumbs up.
Tuesday 02 November 1999
The Music
Check out the full details of the forthcoming Mary single which is now due out on 22 November.
The Tabs
A couple of new tabs have been added. Jesus Came From Outta Space has been sent in by Gav Wooding and Mike Flynn has tabbed Sometimes I Make You Sad.
29 September 1999
The TabsThey're coming in quicker than ever now. There's Eon from Jamie McDine and 'NEL' has sent in Your Love and Beautiful People. Thanks to them both.
The MagazinesTwo articles from this week's Melody Maker - there's Gaz's guide to the album and a bit about next week's tour - and you can also read NME's write up about the tour and, finally, there's also a tiny snippet from Melody Maker.
The TourThe UK tour is now completely sold out, so if you haven't got your tickets, start kicking yourself now!
The support for all dates except Liverpool will be ADD N TO (X).
28 September 1999
The TabsWhat Went Wrong (In Your Head)? has been tabbed by Jamie McDine.
27 September 1999
The LookLive pictures of Gaz & Mick from Radio 1 Live in Manchester thanks to Tina McClelland.
The Reader ReviewsAnother review of 'Pumping On your Stereo' has been sent in by Steve.
The LinksLots more links added. More places to buy CDs, more bands to investigate and even a new Supergrass page from Australia... some of it looks familiar though...
26 September 1999
The FAQA new section added where you'll be able to find answers to the most commonly asked questions.
The LyricsMy second attempt at the lyrics of the new album are now available. Can you do better?
The TabsAlun Morgan has sent in a tab for 'You Can See Me'. See what you think.
The Reader ReviewsRead Leo Hoek van Dijke's review of Monday's Lamacq Live set which he saw live after winning tickets through the site.
The MagazinesAn interview from Dutch magazine OOR translated by Leo Hoek van Dijke. Thanks Leo!
Sunday 31 October 1999
The Links
Quite a few new links have been added over the last week or two including, in the other bands section, a link to Elf Power.
Friday 29 October 1999
The Music
Check out Supergrass's personal web page for all the Mary Real Audio videos.
You'll need to download the free RealPlayer plug-in to view the videos.
The Tabs
A Shotover Hill tab has been sent in by Alex Wilding, and I'd Like To Know has had the bass tab treatment from Paul Wills. Thanks to both of you for sending them in.
Thursday 28 October 1999
The Music
See the full uncensored version of the new Mary video with this exclusive 28K Real Audio stream.
Higher quality 56K and 128K streams will be available soon, along with stills from the video.
Wednesday 27 October 1999
The Site News
Something has happened to the site... what do you think? Let me know
The Merchandise
Pictures of the merchandise which is available by post are now online.
The Music
Have you heard all the fuss about the video for the new single, 'Mary' (out 15 November 1999), and want to see what it's all about? Well, you can soon. Check back to the site around 7:30pm tomorrow night.
Tuesday 26 October 1999
The Bass Tabs
The second bass tab is now available thanks to Paul Wills once again. Now all you bass players out there can have a go at Mansize Rooster.
Monday 25 October 1999
The Merchandise
A special merchandise package will soon be available exclusively to fan club members.
The package includes a limited edition T-shirt designed by Mick, a poster and a stick of rock all for the bargain price of £18.
If you've registered with the fan club, details will be sent out to you shortly. However, if you don't receive anything in the next few weeks, or if you've not yet joined the fan club, write to the fan club address and request details.
Wednesday 20 October 1999
Children of the Monkey Basket
Hmmn, see that lovely green logo up there? I wonder what'd happen if you were to click on it...
The Merchandise
Have a look at the Supergrass merchandise available, and order by mail.
The Bass Tabs
A lot of people have been requesting these... here's the first reader's contribution. Send in more if you have them.
18 October 1999
The Reader ReviewsRead a review of the first European show.
The TV AppearanceMTV UK & Ireland are giving you the chance to see Supergrass's Five Night Stand performance from earlier this year again on Thursday night at 11:00pm (UK Time).
16 October 1999
The TourNovember's European dates will be supported by Snow Patrol.
The Reader ReviewsTwo more reader reviews - one from Manchester, and one from London.
The TV AppearanceSupergrass will be featured on tonight's Pop-Up Video on Channel 4 (UK) at 11:45pm.
The LinksNew audio and video sections, although not too much is there at the moment.
The AwardsSupergrass' latest single, Moving, has been nominated for Best Single in this year's Q Magazine Awards. The other nominations for Best Single are: The New Radicals, 'You Get What You Give', Lauryn Hill, 'Doo Wop (That Thing)', Travis, 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me?', TLC, 'No Scrubs' and Blur, 'Tender'. The winner of this, and other Q Awards, will be announced in London on 03 November 1999.
15 October 1999
The Album ReviewsA review of the new 'Supergrass' album from today's Sydney Morning Herald Metro which has been sent in by Dave.
The Live ReviewsRead NME's review of the recent Barrowlands gig.
The TabsSome Girls Are Bigger Than Others has been tabbed by Michael Flynn.
The Reader ReviewsTwo reviews from the recently completed UK tour.
14 October 1999
The MagazinesLast week's Melody Maker review of a gig in Paris.
12 October 1999
The Web CastOK, are you ready for some live Supergrass action? Well, if it's after 9pm (UK time), click one of the following links depending on what speed modem you have to see the Forum Gig: 28K modem or 56K modem.
08 October 1999
The InterviewYour questions answered. Well, some of them at least... just read the short interview.
Site NewsThere'll be a web-cast on Tuesday night at 9pm of the London Forum gig so all those of you without tickets, make sure you're at More details on Monday.
06 October 1999
The LookExcellent live pictures from Ali Rees of the recent Lamacq Live session in London.
03 October 1999
The TabsThere's a new version of You'll Never Walk Again from Toni McGroty and a very simple looking Mary from David Hamilton.
The Readers HomepagesA new site has been added to the Music section.
The ReviewsAustralian magazine Juice reviews 'Supergrass'.
The LookSee the setlist from yesterday's gig at Glasgow.
22 September 1999
- The Magazines - A short interview from Esquire and a snippet from Melody Maker about the 'Moving' single.

21 September 1999
- If you went to the Radio 1 show last night, feel free to e-mail me what you thought of the show.
- Click here for a list of the winners of the free tickets.

20 September 1999
- The Music - The new album is available from today on Limited Edition enhanced CD, CD, Cassette and Vinyl.

17 September 1999
- The Music - The final two exclusive clips from the new album which are available today only, are 'Faraway' and 'Mama & Papa'
- The Reviews - Read NME's review of the new album.
- The Magazines - An interview from Rock Sound magazine.
- The lucky people who have won tickets to Monday's Evening Session gig have been selected and notified, so commiseration's if you didn't win.

16 September 1999
- The Music - Today's clips from the new album are 'Jesus Came From Outta Space' and 'Born Again'. Click here today only!
- The Magazines - Read Melody Maker's review of the new album - album of the week - and an interview from Total Guitar.

15 September 1999
- To win a pair of tickets to see Supergrass live on Monday, click here!
- The Music - Clips of 'Eon' and 'Mary' from the new album are available for your listening pleasure (today only!).
- The Tabs - Two new tabs from the pen of Bill Robinson. 'Hollow Little Reign' and 'We Still Need More (Than Anyone Can Give)'.

14 September 1999
- Exclusive - If you're interested in seeing Supergrass live, check out the site tomorrow...
- The Music - Today's exclusive clips from the upcoming new album are 'Beautiful People' and 'Shotover Hill'. Remember they're here today only!
- The Reviews - Four more glowing reviews of the new album.
- The Magazines - A small snippet for now. Two interviews to follow later in the week.

13 September 1999
- The Music - The first exclusive clips of the new album tracks are here. Hear 'Your Love' and 'What Went Wrong (In Your Head)?' today only!
- The Tours - A date in Paris for later this month.
- The Links - There's been a couple of changes including a link to an interview at the Radio One site.

12 September 1999
- The Music - Exclusive! Next week you hear Real Audio clips from the new album. Two different tracks will be available each day until Friday, so check out the site every day next week to collect your album sampler!
- The Readers Homepages - A new internet-based radio site

11 September 1999
- NME are taking questions from their website to be put to Supergrass in a forthcoming "Fanish Inquisition", to submit your question(s), click here.
- The Look - More pictures added.

10 September 1999
- The Readers Homepages - A new one has been added. If you want yours listed, just e-mail me the URL.
- The Mail - You can now subscribe to the discussion list by e-mail. Just send a blank e-mail to: *see the yahoo lists now*

09 September 1999
- The Magazines - A couple of old articles from MOJO and FHM.
- A number of promo nights for the new Supergrass album have been organised in pubs and clubs throughout the UK. There'll be Supergrass goddies available, and you'll be able to hear the new album before it's release. Click here for dates and venues.
- The Next Thing - As well as finding out what the latest Supergrass releases are, you can now find out when you can see them on TV and hear them on the radio.

08 September 1999
- Supergrass will be on tonight's Evening Session on Radio One. There'll be an interview with the band along with the exclusive first play of the new album.
- And on Sunday 12 September, Radio One will broadcast Supergrass' set from the Radio One Live in Manchester show live.
- The Reader Reviews - The first reader review of the new album from Leo Hoek van Dijke.

07 September 1999
- The Tabs - A new and improved version of Late In The Day from Bill Robinson.

06 September 1999
- The Music - New single, 'Moving' out today!
- The Tours - See Supergrass live in Paris this December with a special-rate inclusive package deal from Go to the tour page for more details.

04 September 1999
- The Music - Details of the Dutch release of 'Moving' thanks to Leo Hoek van Dijke.
- The Reader Reviews - A review of the Dutch four-track version of 'Moving' also from Leo Hoek van Dijke.
- Dutch readers will be able to see two of Supergrass's recent gigs later this month on "TMF". The Melkweg gig will be broadcast on 21 September at 11pm (Dutch time) and highlights from the Lowlands festival will be shown on 28, 29 & 30 September between 11pm and 12am (Dutch time).

01 September 1999
- The Reviews - Another review of the new album, 'Supergrass', from FHM and read The Dandy Warhols views of the new single, 'Moving', in Melody Maker.
31 August 1999
- The Reviews - Read reviews of the new album from Select and Q magazines.
- The Tabs - Added a tab of 'Moving' from Lane Brown.
- The Magazines - Read the latest interviews from Select and Q magazines.

27 August 1999
- The Tours - European tour dates now confirmed for October, November and December.

24 August 1999
- The Reader Reviews - Read the first report from V99 by James O'Keefe.

23 August 1999
- Supergrass will be doing a live webchat on the Top Of The Pops website this Wednesday, 25 August. It starts at 6:00pm (UK time) and you can reach the chat at the Top Of The Pops website.
- The Magazines - A very short review of Saturday's V99 show from Planet Sound.

21 August 1999
- The Links - A new link to the Radio 1 site where you can read (and hear if you've got the Real Player) Gaz's memories...

20 August 1999
- The Readers Reviews - Two live reviews of the Melkweg gig in Amsterdam from Leo Hoek van Dijke and Marcel Wentink. Thanks chaps!

19 August 1999
- The Trash Club in London will be hosting a night to launch the new single, 'Moving' on Monday night, 23 August. As well as playing loads of Supergrass tracks throughout the night, there'll also be give-aways. You'll find the Trash club, which is open from 11pm to 3am, at The Annexe, 1 Dean Street, W1 and it'll cost you a mere £4 to get in.
- The Tours - Supergrass will be taking the stage as part of Radio 1's Live concert at Heaton Park, Manchester on 12 September. Tickets for the gig are given away free on air, so tune into 97-99FM for a chance to win tickets.
- The Look - Six new pictures added in The Band section.
- The Magazines - The Sky Magazine interview is here along with a short bit from Melody Maker and a snippet from NME. Finally, there's also a full interview from Melody Maker.
- The Band - An updated biography awaits all who enter this section.
- The Reviews - If you've been to, or are going to, one of the festivals that Supergrass is playing, feel free to send me a review of the show (if you remember it).

17 August 1999
- The Magazines - There's a review of 'Moving' from Flipside, and a little snippet from Sky Magazine... There will also be a full feature from Sky on Thursday.

13 August 1999
- For those of you with Sky TV, Supergrass's Five Night Stand gig will be shown again on MTV UK & Ireland next Thursday night at 10pm.
- The Look - I've added some more pictures.
- The Music - The Sound has gone again and won't be returning. However, on the positive side, the 30 second clips can now be downloaded from the individual discography pages.

12 August 1999
- The Magazines - Read Gaz and Danny's predictions for the new single in this weeks Melody Maker, and there's an old article from Northern Ireland's Blank magazine.
- The Look - Yes, there are some new pictures for your viewing pleasure. They're all in the all the band section.
- The Info - A little new section in here. The Books details the two book available about Supergrass.

10 August 1999
- The Music - The single's release date has now been put back a week. 'Moving' is now due to hit stores on 06 September - just two weeks before the new album.
- The Tabs - 'You'll Never Walk Again' has had the full tabbing treatment from David Lane too.

09 August 1999
- The Tabs - A new version of the 'Pumping On Your Stereo' tabs, along with 'Sick', 'Lucky (No Fear)' and 'What A Shame' have been sent in by David Lane.

07 August 1999
- The Magazines - I've added the short article from this week's Melody Maker at last!
- The Music - A couple of scans have been added to various sections thanks to Leo Hoek van Dijke and Pedro Sandoval (sorry it took so long Pedro!).
- Finally, I've tried to organise the discussion lists. There's now just one at Onelist called "Supergrass" instead of the two seperate ones at coollist. Everyone who was on one of the old ones has been transferred to the new one so there's no need to re-subscribe. You should have received an e-mail or two by now if you were on either of the lists. If you've not got anything and would like to join, simply click here.

04 August 1999
- Bad news: The new album's release date has been moved back a week. It's now going to be released on 20 September.
- The Tours - An extra date has been added to the October tour. Supergrass will now also play at the London forum on 11 October and they have also changed the date of the Cardiff gig from the 9th to the 8th of October.
- The Reviews - The first reader review of the new single 'Moving' is here thanks to Kyle Penrod.
- The Sound - Clips of 'I Should Coco' are now available for your listening pleasure. You'll need the Real Audio G2 Player to hear them.

03 August 1999
- The Sound - This section will be returning fully in the next few days. In the meantime, however, you can get your ears round a clip of the new single.
- The Magazines - A little addition to the Snippets section.

02 August 1999
- The Reviews - 'Moving' has been decreed the Single Of The Month in Select. There's a review and Danny's answered a couple of questions too.
- The Magazines - There's also an interview with Gaz in this month's FHM for your perusal.

01 August 1999
- It's August already and only 29 days until 'Moving' is released, and there's only 44 short days to go until the new album is unleashed.
- The web site of Supergrass's record company, Parlophone, has recently been flashed up a bit. You can win one of four Parlophone goodie bags in the competition which is currently running on the site. Click here to take a look.

28 July 1999
- The Tours - Added details of the 1997 Japan Tour.
- The Links - Updated the cheapest place to buy page.

26 July 1999
- The Music - The track listing of the new album has now been confirmed. Click here for full details.
- The first play of the new single, 'Moving', will be on tonight's Evening Session on Radio 1. Tune in at 8:00pm at 97-99FM to hear it.
- The Tours - You can book on-line for the UK October tour - don't miss out!
- The Lyrics - Lyrics for the new single, 'Moving', are now available.

25 July 1999
- It appears the new album is going to be called 'Supergrass' due to the band being unable to decide on a proper title between themsleves.
- A track listing for the new album has appeared on the Interent recently, but has yet to be confirmed to me as being correct... more news on the album next week.
- Good news for all of you who haven't seen the excellent 'Pumping On Your Stereo' video. The second CD of the upcoming 'Moving' single will be an enhanced CD featuring the 'Pumping...' video along with a "different" version of Supergrass's big hit, 'Alright'.
- The Music - I've added a couple of compilations to the list.
- The Links - The readers home pages have now been sorted into categories. Click here to send me details of yours.

23 July 1999
- The Band - I added a full biography to this section yesterday, but forgot to let you know. Oops!

21 July 1999
- The Sounds section has unfortunately been removed although it may return in a slightly different guise soon.

20 July 1999
- The first version of the cheapest place to buy Supergrass stuff is now online... it will get more comprehensive as I search for the best prices. I'll try to update it every week or two. Click here to take a look. Otherwise, you can find a link on the Buy CD's Online link page.
- The Reviews - Added another review of In It For The Money from NME.

19 July 1999
- The Links - Added a number of new links, including a new Supergrass fan site.

18 July 1999
- Sorry, another week with little in the way of updates. Tomorrow, I will be livening up the links page and hopefully including a new page where you can find out where's the cheapest places to buy all of Supergrass's back catalogue if you've missed out on any of their past releases.

12 July 1999
- The Lyrics - The singles lyrics have been updated. Thanks to Wiggins for helping out again.
- The Links - I've added a few new links. One reader's home page and another place to buy CD's from.

11 July 1999
- The Tabs - Two versions of Pumping On Your Stereo have been received (thanks for sending them in again!) which look slightly different... take your pick.

07 July 1999
- No Melody Maker article today as I predicted... sorry.

06 July 1999
- Nothing major today... added a picture of the Doing Time bootleg thanks to Pedro Sandoval, and details of the Caught By The Fuzz promo... look out for a probable article in tomorrow's Melody Maker...

05 July 1999
- The competition winners are: Erik Adama, Laurent Doubiquet, Kate B, Adriaan Pels and "digitalf". Congratualtions to all five of you - your prizes will be with you shortly!
- The Tabs - A new version of 'Sofa' has been sent in by Bill Robinson.

03 July 1999
- The competition is now closed - the winners have been notified by e-mail and I'll put up their names tomorrow for the world to see... and there'll be a bit of a proper update tomorrow too...

30 June 1999
- The Magazines - Two new articles for you today. First off, the NME story about the Ali G remix of Sun Hits The Sky, and a few questions from Q in their Instant Karma feature.

29 June 1999
- Click here for some "wicked" news...
- The Tours - Autumn tour dates announced!
- The Music - New single, 'Moving', is to be released on 30 August 1999, which is just after their summer festival commitments.
- The Tabs - Oh yeah, I added another page to this section yesterday for tabs of songs that aren't on the two main albums so if you've got any more just send them in and I'll get them on the site ASAP.

27 June 1999
- I've added a couple of old US tour dates from way back in 1995 - thanks to John Pusateri for sending them in.
- The Links - I know it's probably not what we need right now, but I've set up the 'official' Strange Ones Yahoo! club which you can join as a central place to get all the gossip from me instead of me having to go to all the other clubs.
- The Mail- You can now contact me five different ways on the Internet. You can use e-mail, Yahoo! pager, ICQ, or you can leave messages in the Yahoo! club (above) or send a message via the coollist discussion list.

26 June 1999
- The Music - The Yoof Culture cover has been scanned in thanks to Magnus Ritland.

25 June 1999
- The Music - A couple more promo items have been added.

24 June 1999
- The Music - It's falling to pieces!! Well, actually, I've been spliting it up again. There's now six main sections, and the imports are now also split into seperate country pages - take a look to see what I mean.
- The Links - Another two readers homepages added, check 'em out.
- The Links - CDnow is offering 30% off all imports until the end of the month. All you American people can now pick up the Pumping On Your Stereo singles for $8.74 each + shipping.
- The Music - A few more compilations have been added. Thanks to Kathryn Stormont for sending them in.

23 June 1999
- The Links - I've added a new link to an Oxford Bands based online magazine.
- The Music - Also added is a new promo item - Sofa (Of My Lethargy) thanks to Brian Lycett for sending me the details.

21 June 1999
- The Lyrics - In It For The Money revamped thanks to Wiggins, and I've started doing lyrics for all the single releases too.

20 June 1999
- The Links - Three Yahoo! clubs have been added to the newsgroups bit. They're all a bit quiet at the moment, so if you want, please join them and liven them up a bit!!

19 June 1999
- The Music - More promo items added - more to come soon.
- Readers Section - Another reader's homepage added.
- The Links - More links added

18 June 1999
- The Music - New promo section. Thanks to Amy Flower for sending me details of one I don't have.

17 June 1999
- The Music - Now split into three sections. The bootlegs and compilation albums have been moved to a seperate page to make way for a new section on the rare and import page - The Promos - which will be up sometime this coming weekend.
- The Supergrass Real-Audio interview is now available at the Videotech site - click here to go there!

16 June 1999
- You'll be glad to hear that normal updates should resume from tomorrow.
- Oh, and I'll be having a direct link to the Supergrass interview on the Videotech website as soon as it's up - Thursday night now.

15 June 1999
- Carlton TV's Videotech website will be home to a Supergrass interview from 17 June 1999. It'll be in Real Audio format, so you'll need a player from the Real Networks website if you don't already have one.

13 June 1999
- Yes, I'm still alive! Sorry about the lack of updates over the last few days but I've been busy working and, to be honest, there's not too much to tell you.
- Here's a request from a reader if you can help. If anyone has any bass tabs, can you send them in for inclusion on the site please.

09 June 1999
- Supergrass will be heading back into the studio next week. They'll be recording B-sides for the forthcoming single, still assumed to be 'Moving', and cutting the new album - only three months to go!
- Gaz has been voted in at 47 in Melody Maker's "The coolest people in rock '99" chart but Danny's dropped out of the chart from last year's position of 6.
- The 10000 hits barrier was smashed last night - thanks again to all you lovely visitors!

08 June 1999
- The Music - The singles pages have all been redone giving details of all the different formats available. Please let me know if there are any mistakes because I don't have every release to check against! - Loads of other changes have been going on behind the scenes, so if you get any links aren't working, please let me know

06 June 1999
- The Lyrics - Small correction to Late In The Day from Ryan.
- Readers Stuff - More homepages added.

05 June 1999
- The Info - Another new section, this one gives you the release dates of the current and next Supergrass albums and singles, and it's imaginatively entitled: New Releases.

04 June 1999
- The Competition - Yes, it's back! Another competition for you lucky, lucky people. This time you can win one of five Pumping On Your Stereo singles which Supergrass will be scrawling their autographs all over.
- Important information about Supergrass T-shirts: The company responsible is currently designing a new range of T-shirts which will be available to buy around the album's launch in September. If you're on the Supergrass postal mailing list (i.e. you receive info about new release, or you sent off the card from Pumping On Your Stereo) you should receive details of the new T-shirts with the mailing for the album.

03 June 1999
- NME have said that they are in discussion with Supergrass about a possible live web chat on the site. Further news as I hear it.

02 June 1999
- The Magazines/News - Gaz is inteviewed in Melody Maker's 'Psycho Babble' section this week.
- Also magazine related, next week's NME will come with a free CD featuring a track by Supergrass - Caught By The Fuzz.
- Last night Steve Lamacq said there'll be another Supergrass session track on tonight's Evening Session too, On Monday, they played 'Pumping On Your Stereo' (which they played last month), and last night they played 'Out Of The Blue'. Still to come is "a reworking of 'Caught By The Fuzz'" and another oldie, I believe. As ever, you can tune into Radio One at 97-99FM in the UK.

01 June 1999
- The Tours - Euro festivals update! Four confirmed, and one still to be confirmed.
- The Readers Stuff - The new section for Readers Homepages is now open.

31 May 1999
- Supergrass will be on this week's 'Top Of The Pops' on Friday at 7:30pm on BBC1.

30 May 1999
- 'Pumping On Your Stereo' entered the UK charts at number 11 today.
- The Evening Session session Supergrass recorded last month will be played on Radio One this coming week. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday have been marked as the days that Steve Lamacq will be playing the tunes the lads recorded on 28 April 1999. If you're in the UK, you'll find Radio One at 97-99FM.
- The Info - I'll hopefully be adding a new section to The Readers Stuff page called 'The Reader's Homepages', so if you've got a homepage, and want a link to it from here, just send me an e-mail.
- The competition winner is media from California, USA - congratulations!!
- The Links - Three new links added, two on the non-Supergrass page, and one on the buy CD's online page.
- I've now got a Yahoo! pager if anyone wants to send messages to me. My user name is 'Dave_Supergrass'.

29 May 1999
- Another magazine disappointment. Although this time Q did produce the CD with the Supergrass track on, it's not a new one but 'Late In The Day' which I imagine you've already got...
- The Magazines & News - This month's Select and Q magazines have little bits on Supergrass.
- The Magazines & News - Another little bit from the new Q in What The Papers Say...
- Oh, today's your last chance to enter the competition.

28 May 1999
- Don't forget that Supergrass will be on tonight's TFI Friday at 6pm - and repeated at 11:40pm.

27 May 1999
- The Reviews - Another review of the Leeds gig - from Melody Maker (again!) including Gaz's verdict and some fans views. Also new in the reviews section are some 'Pumping On Your Stereo' single reviews.
- The Magazines & News - What The Papers Say... has been updated with bits from this weeks Melody Maker and NME.
- The Links - Updated the Non-Supergrass Links.

26 May 1999
- The Reviews - Forgot to tell you that I added another live review of the Leeds gig from Flipside yesterday!

25 May 1999
- Even more good news for the site!! It's been awarded a 'Cool Site' Award by The Open Directory site. Click the picture in the top-right corner to see the Supergrass section of their site.
- MTV UK & Northern Ireland are to have a web-cast of the recent gig at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire. It'll be broadcast from the site on 27 & 30 May 1999 at 8:00pm BST. You need the Real Player G2 to view the broadcast - you'll find a link on the MTV site.
- The Lyrics - Some songs from 'I Should Coco' and 'Going Out' from 'In It For The Money' have been corrected thanks to Amy.
- The National Public Radio Station 3FM has pronounced 'Pumping On Your Stereo' a 'MEGAHIT'. What this means is every single show on the station this week will play the record at least once!
- 'Pumping On Your Stereo' will also be the 'Superclip' on 'TMF' in Belgium. The director thought the video was so excellent that, between 29 May and 4 July, it will be played every two hours!!

24 May 1999
- The Reviews - A couple more 'Pumping On Your Stereo' reviews from Flipside and Planet Sound.

23 May 1999
- Supergrass' new single, 'Pumping On Your Stereo' is this weeks's 'Superclip' on the Dutch MTV's 'TMF' (The Music Television) show. What this means is the video will be shown every two hours! The DJ's on the show reckon it's going to be their first BIG hit in The Netherlands since they've only reached top 20 before.
- The Tabs - A better version of the Cheapskate tab has been added thanks to Simon Prime.
- No Supergrass on today's The Ozone (again!). Must be this Tuesday's programme - 7:10pm BBC2 - it's got to be!!

22 May 1999
- You'll be pleased to know that Danny & Pearl's new baby, a son, arrived safely last Moday evening (17 May - same day as one of my mates!). Mick descibed him as "wee and bonny", and said they're thinking of calling him Franky.
- Compilation video-wise, as quite a lot of people have been asking me about, Supergrass have been talking about this recently and say they may release one in a few months time - after the current round of singles. Which leads me on nicely - I hope you'll all be rushing out to buy the new single on Monday (both CD's), let's get them to Number 1!
- The Readers Stuff - Another new section. Well, nearly, it's just a page which rounds up all the reader contributions which have been sent in, and where any more contributions will be placed. So send me stuff!!
- The Tabs - The 'Tonight' tab has been added.
- The Music - I've now split this into two bits (Ow!) - the official UK releases from Parlophone on one page, then the imports, rarities and bootlegs on the other page.
- Don't forget that Supergrass will be on tomorrow's The Ozone at 12noon on BBC2.
- And finally for today, thanks again to everyone, the 5000-hits mark has been smashed! It's hard to believe that back at the beginning of the year, I was struggling to get 100 hits a month for the site, but now get, on average, well over 100 hits a day!! (And it's not gone to my head a bit!!)
- The Music - So I was wrong with the line above! I've added details of the Dutch release of 'Pumping On Your Stereo' to the imports section, and a couple more compilation album have been added.
- The Evening Session session that Supergrass recorded last month is to be broadcast this coming Monday and Tuesday nights on Radio 1 (at some point between 8:00pm - 10:00pm).
- The Readers Stuff - A reader review of the Dutch version of the 'Pumping On Your Stereo' single.
- The Links - And finally, a link to the Radio 1 site which features pics from the Shepherd's Bush Empire gig, and a questionnaire filled in by Supergrass. Now, that's got to be it for tonight!?

21 May 1999
- Nearly 5000 hits! I can't believe it - thanks to everyone who visits the site - you're all great!!
- The Reviews - I've added my review of the video to the Pumping On Your Stereo review.
- The Pictures - See my signed CD inlays - there's one in each section.
- The News - This section is now gone! The news page has now been merged with The Magazines section, as most of the news comes from the magazines...

20 May 1999
- Supergrass will be on next week's TFI Friday on Channel 4. The show will be broadcast at both 6:00pm and 11:40pm on 28 May 1999.
- The Reviews - This week's Melody Maker article which includes details of the Pumping On Your Stereo video.
- The closing date for the signed setlist competition has been changed - entires now need to arrive in my mailbox by 23:59 GMT on 29 May 1999, and the winner will be announced in the e-mail due on 30 May 1999.
- I've also scanned in the setlist so you can see what you're trying to win!
- Don't forget that Supergrass 'Five Night Stand' gig will be shown on MTV (just MTV Europe I think?) tomorrow at 11:00am and 7:00pm.
- The Reviews - My review of the new single, Pumping On Your Stereo.

19 May 1999
- The good news about the site I mentioned on Monday is: The Strange Ones Supergrass Site is going to be the 'Official-unofficial Supergrass Site' until 01 July 1999 when the swanky new official site will be back.
- The Reviews - Here's NME's review of last week's gig at Leeds Town & Country - Melody Maker's should be up tomorrow afternoon, just ain't got time today, I'm afraid. And I'll try and sort out my review of the new single and video...

18 May 1999
- The Reviews - In the reader reviews, Graham Pembrey reviews the Shepherd's Bush Empire gig from Thursday which was part of MTV's Five Night Stand.

17 May 1999
- More good news for the site? Possibly - check back later this week to see if it works out (or join the e-mail list for immediate notification!).
- The Music - The track listing for We Still Need More (Than Anyone Can Give) is now up.
- The Reviews - My personal review of the new single and video will be up in the next couple of days (hopefully tomorrow!).

16 May 1999
- The Music - The US released single, We Still Need More (Than Anyone Can Give) has been added to the site... track listing to come soon...
- The Pictures - A picture of a ticket for last week's Oxford gig in the None Of The Band section.

14 May 1999
- The Reviews - Another reader review. This time it's of the Glasgow Barrowlands gig from Wednesday.
- The Links - Also a new link to a Supergrass & Radiohead site run by one of the visitors, and one of her friends.

13 May 1999
- No time for a proper update today, I'm afraid - got to work sometime! Next proper update will hopefully be Saturday night or Sunday morning. Unitl then, the only news is that Supergrass will be on The Ozone on 23 May 1999 - the day before the single's release (only 11 days left!).

12 May 1999
- The Info - Win a signed set list in the first ever Strange Ones Supergrass Site competition!
- The Magazines - Supergrass are the cover stars of this weeks' NME - read the interview here.
- The Reviews - My live review of the Leeds gig.
- The Reviews - A readers review of the Pumping On Your Stereo Video.
- The Tours - Tomorrow's Shepherd's Bush Empire gig will be broadcast on MTV on 21 May 1999 at 11:00am and 7:00pm.
- A message on the Strangeones Discussion List say's Supergrass will be on The Ozone on 23rd May 1999 (unconfirmed at the minute, I'll let you know when I get solid info).
- Oh yeah, there's a nice new logo up top!

10 May 1999
The Tours - The support for the Glasgow gig will be the same as Leeds - Ultrasound.
The Links - Spot the new link!
The Music - Details of another Dutch single from Leo - a different Alright single, and more details for his previous additions.
The Music - New section - The Compilations, which list details of compilation CD's which feature Supergrass tracks.
The Music - Details of yet another bootleg, this time from Lee Bateman - Supergrass Doing Time.

09 May 1999
The Reviews - The first (hopefully of many) reader review is here. If you went to the Oxford gig, send me your review of the night.
The Magazines - They're not exactly from magazines, but there's two new articles up from last week's newspapers. The Sun manages to show off it's knowledge about Danny Goffey and the band he's in! And The Yorkshire Post does a little piece to promote the gig at Leeds T&C next Tuesday.
The Music - Details of another bootleg - Strange Ones - from Magnus Ritland.

08 May 1999
The Music - Thanks to Barry (ex Strange Ones HQ) for scanning the cover of the Caught In The Act bootleg.
The Tours - Tonight's support at Oxford's Brookes University is going to be Gay Dad.
Readers Comments - Another reader comment - send me your comments.

07 May 1999
The video for Pumping..., Supergrass' new single out 24 May 1999, may be shown in full on The Jo Whiley Show next Wednesday (12 May 1999) which starts at 11:30pm.
It's also looking increasingly likely that the repeat of BBC2's The Ozone on Sunday (09 May 1999) will be a repeat of this weeks (which I missed) where they showed part of the video. So, it's video recorders on standby!

06 May 1999
The Music - Thanks to Leo Hoek van Dijke from RTV Gouwestad in the Netherlands for sending me loads of info regarding bootleg and import CDs which I've put up.

05 May 1999
The Tours - The support for the Leeds gig has been announced as Ultrasound.
The News - The papers say... that Danny is to become a father again.
Readers Comments - First comment up now - more welcome click here to send your comments!

04 May 1999
* NEW * - Readers Comments page. What do you think of the site? And...
The Reviews - Have your say on Supergrass singles, albums and live shows, submit your own reviews.

29 April 1999
The News - New section, What The Papers Say, which rolls up all the little titbits of info from the weekly and monthly music press onto one page.
The Links - The Official Site's 30 second Real Audio file of Pumping is now available for download.

28 April 1999
The Magazines - This weeks Melody Maker and NME articles.
The News - Album to be released on 13 September 1999.
The News - Free CD with Q magazine next month with a Supergrass track!

26 April 1999
The Tours - Supergrass are NOT playing Glastonbury this year! - sorry for the mistake, just goes to show you shouldn't believe everything you read in NME!
The Tours - No Glastonbury, but they might be playing the Water Festival in Stockholm... and some other European dates.
The Magazines - Wednesday's Melody Maker and NME should both have Supergrass lead stories. NME went to the on-going rehearsals last week and will report on that, as well as giving more information on the album. Expect full details here, by Thursday.
The News - Supergrass are to record a new Evening Session session on Wednesday 28 April, which will include a live performance of one song (My guess is it'll be Pumping). Get your radios tuned in to Radio One again at 8:00pm for that.

25 April 1999
The Links - One or two changes here, like direct access to the Supergrass section of most of the on-line CD stores and a new link, nothing too special.
The Music - Details of another rarity, The Singles 1994-1997.
If anyone has details of the other bootleg I know exists (Yoof Culture) or any others, could you please send me details.
Oh yeah, the Discussion List isn't going too well - come on, get signed up for it - you'll not win a prize!

24 April 1999
The Tours - Another date has been set in May.
The Links - The Official Site has a 30 second Real Audio file of Pumping available for download. Unfortunately, the link is down :(

21 April 1999
The Sounds - Hear a bit of the new single, Pumping (On Your Stereo).

20 April 1999
More Important news! - Get in next week's Melody Maker!
The Magazines - Added more old stuff - nearly finshed with the old stuff now - including a 1997 tour diary from Q Magazine.
The Pictures - A few more pictures added.
The Tours - Preparations for the upcoming tour are in full swing.

19 April 1999
Important news! - The first UK play of Pumping (On Your Stereo) will now be tomorrow night!

18 April 1999
Loads of behind the scenes organising/tidying up.
The Pictures - Added one picture to Danny's section.
The Music - All ready for the new release!
The Magazines - Several new articles now on-line.
The Links - Now sorted into three sections - new links added too.

17 April 1999
A new Supergrass Discussion List has been set up. Click here for details of how to join.
The Reviews - In It For The Money review from the Dot Music site.
The Pictures - A picture added in the none of the band section.

16 April 1999
The News - Filming of the Pumping (On Your Stereo) video started yesterday.
Just about everything's been transferred from Strange Ones HQ that's going to be, including:
The Magazines - A number of old articles/interviews have been copied including a live review.
The Music - Two new sections, Rarities and Bootlegs.
The Tours - Details of the Australian Going Out Tour of 1997.
The Pictures - Three pictures added to the band section.
The Links - New link to a live review.

14 April 1999
The Magazines - Melody Maker article, including:
The News - New album release date...?
The News - More about Pumping (On Your Stereo)
The Tours - Support for Shepherd's Bush gig announced.

12 April 1999
At last - The Official Supergrass Site has been updated.
The News - Hear Pumping (On Your Stereo)...soon!.
The Pictures - One new band picture.

11 April 1999
New name for the site - The Strange Ones Supergrass Site - due to the recent merger.
The Tours - Previous Tours added from Strange Ones HQ.
The Reviews - Three I Should Coco reviews and a gig review in Canada from Strange Ones HQ.
The Info - Contact addresses for Supergrass from Strange Ones HQ.

09 April 1999
Great news - Dave's Supergrass Site now incorporates Strange Ones HQ!
The Tours - Supergrass Tour - Another date: Dublin.

07 April 1999
The Pictures - Two new pictures added. One of the band, and one of Gaz.
The Magazines - Latest news from NME, including:
The News - Bigger tour planned!.
The News - Pumping (On Your Stereo) b-sides announced..
The News - New album tracks announced..

06 April 1999
The Tours - More info about the Shepherd's Bush Empire date.
Possible good news for the site...can't say much at the mo, but keep checking back!

02 April 1999
Sorry, but yesterday's Supergrass The Movie? story was my attempt at an April Fools.

01 April 1999
The News - Supergrass The Movie?.
The Tours - Supergrass Tour - Two more dates now.
The News - Single Release Details - only 53 days to go.
The News - Latest Album News - delayed again?.
The News - Bad news about Select magazine - No CD!
The Magazines - Select: Caught By The PC - Supergrass In A Game!

31 March 1999
The Tours - Supergrass Gig 11 May 1999!!!.

25 March 1999
The News - Supergrass confirmed for V99, and possibly Glastonbury & T In The Park?.

17 March 1999
Supergrass to play V99? See The News.
Corrected a few errors - don't know how they got in there!
The Non-Supergrass Links have been updated - nothing special though.
Whilst I'm talking about The Links, the Official Supergrass Site has had a little change - still no content, though.

15 March 1999
The start of the new look (not the womens clothes shop). Comments appreciated: Mail Me.

10 March 1999
The Info. Great news about the next issue of Select magazine in The News section.

06 March 1999
Only samples of the two main albums (I Should Coco & In It For The Money) are available for your listening pleasure in The Sounds.

27 February 1999
The Pictures have been expanded and re-arranged into person-related categories.
The Non-Supergrass Links have been updated in The Links section.

20 February 1999
A picture of Bob has finally been scanned for his biography in The Band section.
A new page has been created for The e-mail. You can now subscribe to the monthly newsletter.

01 February 1999
The Music page is now completely up to date, but I can't wait until I have to update it.

29 January 1999
The Tabs are now sorted into album order - much better than the previous, no reason at all for it, alphabetical order!