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Wednesday 07 October 2020
The Music
I've finally added details of the Record Store Day 2020 release of Caught By The Fuzz and the recently announced Live On Other Planets live album, which will be released on 27 November 2020.

Both of these releases are supporting very important things, namely local record stores and #SaveOurVenues, so please go treat yourself to a new record and help others in the process.
Saturday 12 September 2020
The Public Announcement
Hope you're all keeping your spirits up during these odd times. Please always remember to consider your own actions carefully to ensure you don't put more vulnerable people at risk of catching the virus - spread love and not the virus.

The Tour
I've updated the 2020 and 2021 dates and removed the dates cancelled due to Coronavirus - these are now on a separate page so you can always look back at what could've been... *sigh*

I've also been advised of a few extra dates from April 1994 which I didn't have, so more dates to make a note of for when you get your time machine (surely it can't be too long now!). Thanks James!

The Twitter
I didn't really mention this last year, but strangeones.com made the leap onto Twitter following the reunion news, so feel free to follow and message me on there - @strangeones_com
Wednesday 18 March 2020
The Tour
The Glastonbury Festival has been cancelled this year due to the on-going Coronavirus situation, so no Supergrass on the farm.

I think it's fair to say the rest of the #Supergrass2020 dates will now be in question and will be dependant on what happens in the coming weeks.

Please look after yourselves, follow advice, do what you can to protect those more at risk from the virus and call friends, relatives and neighbours to make sure they're not feeling too lonely - spread love and not the virus.
Thursday 12 March 2020
The Tour
Supergrass will play the Glastonbury Festival this year!
Monday 02 March 2020
The Reader Reviews
Read a reader review of last night's Supergrass show in Leeds from Rory Hoy, either over at his site or here at strangeones.com.
Thursday 20 February 2020
The Tour
Due to all the Supergrass love from Australia, an extra date has been added in Melbourne. A couple of dates have also been announced in Italy too, #Supergrass2020 is getting bigger and better all the time!
Thursday 13 February 2020
The Tour
More Australian dates have been announced for April and May, with support from Rocket Science. Tickets go on sale 20 February.
Wednesday 12 February 2020
The Tour
More 2020 dates added to the list, including a trip to (much requested) Australia, and details of the support for the impending UK and Ireland dates.

The Reader Reviews
Thanks, once again, to Leo Hoek van Dijke who is back with two more Supergrass shows under his belt - read his review of last week's Paradiso shows along with a little behind-the-scenes information. Hopefully we'll get the full Mick interview before too long!

Remember, if you want to submit your own review of anything Supergrass related, feel free.
Sunday 19 January 2020
The Music
There's now less than a week until you can get your hands on the latest Supergrass release, The Strange Ones, 1994-2008

The Tour
A few more 2020 dates have been announced over the past couple of months... hopefully I've got them all listed now, please let me know if I've missed any!
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