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Sunday 19 January 2020
The Music
There's now less than a week until you can get your hands on the latest Supergrass release, The Strange Ones, 1994-2008

The Tour
A few more 2020 dates have been announced over the past couple of months... hopefully I've got them all listed now, please let me know if I've missed any!
Monday 16 September 2019
The Tour
More extra dates added to the 2020 tour, this time for Manchester and London. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 9am - see Supergrass.com for info.
Saturday 14 September 2019
The Tour
Due to the original dates selling out, extra dates have been added to the 2020 tour for Amsterdam, Dublin, Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham and New York (although some of these have sold out already too!). See Supergrass.com for ticket details.
Thursday 12 September 2019
The Tour
Don't forget, tickets for the 2020 tour go on general sale tomorrow at 9am, more details over at Supergrass.com.

The Music
You can buy Supergrass's cover of Next To You over on Amazon.co.uk.

The Reader Reviews
Old (we're all old now!) friend of the site Leo Hoek van Dijke doesn't disappoint, as usual, and is first to submit a review of Monday's gig at the Oslo.

If you want to submit your own review of anything Supergrass related, click here for details.
Tuesday 10 September 2019
The Music
I've added details of various The Strange Ones, 1994-2008 releases (Super Deluxe Box Set, Double LP and CD) to the site. Don't forget, you can pre-order these right now over on Supergrass.com
Monday 09 September 2019
The Tour
Dates for the 2020 tour were announced this morning. Tickets go on general sale on 13 September, but a very limited number will be available on 11 September from this Supergrass link.

The Music
Also announced today is the release of The Strange Ones, 1994-2008.

It's a deluxe box set of Supergrass goodness, due for release on 24 January 2020, and available in a variety of flavours, more of which you can see over on Supergrass.com.

The most glorious one looks to be the "Super Deluxe Box Set" which comes with over 6 hours of previously unreleased Supergrass audio and a whole host of other fancy Supergrass bits and bobs.
Saturday 07 September 2019
The Tour
Another surprise show has been announced for Monday 09 September at the Oslo in Hackney, London. Tickets go on sale at 12pm today from gigsandtours.com.
Friday 06 September 2019
The Band
It seems the rumours were... TRUE!
Gaz tweeted earlier the hashtag #Supergrass2020 along with a short video featuring some strange but familiar-looking people...

The Tour
They've also been confirmed as the mystery "Special Guests" for tonight's Pilton Party and will be co-headlining alongside the fantastic Wolf Alice.
Thursday 05 September 2019
The Band
Alright, Strange Ones!

There seems to be a jolly nice rumour rumbling around at the moment about a possible Supergrass reunion to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of their fabulous debut album I Should Coco.

Sadly, I don't have any information about it, so I can only hope it is true!
If I do get any information, I'll be sure to share it with you here.
Monday 21 September 2015
The Music
Where have the last five years gone?! Not to mention the previous 15... how did we get so old?! However, on the bright side, it's only a couple of months (13 November 2015 to be precise) until we can get down to our favourite record store, buy the new 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition of I Should Coco and pretend it's 1995 all over again - ba ba ba ba ba!
Monday 12 April 2010
The Band
Supergrass have today announced their split after 17 years together. The band said: "Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years. We still love each other but, cliché notwithstanding, musical differences have led to us moving on and of course we all wish each other well in the future." The band will play four farewell shows in Glasgow, Manchester, London and Paris on 8th-11th June 2010.
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